Fashion industry at the start towards sustainability

Der folgende Artikel wurde auch im Magazin "ÖKO+ Das Fachmagazin für Ökonomie + Ökologie" veröffentlicht Lokale Produktionen müssen gestärkt werden – jetzt mehr denn je. Denn Covid-19 hat gezeigt, wie wichtig die europäische Eigenversorgung ist. Die Bekleidungsindustrie hat sich in den letzten 40 Jahren wenig verändert. Die technologischen Entwicklungen waren verglichen…

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Guest of the podcast "Redefining Wealth" Ich bin der Einladung von Mahrberg nach Liechtenstein gefolgt und durfte im Rahmen des Podcasts #RedefiningWealth über die aktuellen Herausforderungen der Textil - und Bekleidungsindustrie erzählen. Danke an den Gastgeber Elias-Maria Spari!  

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Which sales channels may a sustainable company use?

When we sold our multifunctional protective masks on Amazon during the Corona crisis, we received angry customer feedback: An obviously interested and at the same time concerned observer of our brand said: "How could you position yourself as a sustainable company and sell on Amazon at the same time? The original wording was a little bit sharper, but that...

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Simon Sinek - Breddy's has the right answer to the question "Why"

The well-known British author, consultant and speaker Simon Sinek has achieved world fame with his lectures and books on the subject of "Start with Why". Sinek assumes that every entrepreneur should start by answering the following question: "Why do I want to implement an idea?". Only if the answer to this question...

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Changing the system

Die Zusammenfassung meines Vortrags vor dem EU-Ökoforum in Wien als Experte für die Bekleidungsindustrie im Jahr 2019 zum Thema "Kreislaufwirtschaft im Textilsektor" Die Grundregel der Kreislaufwirtschaft lautet: "Bringe es nicht auf den Markt, wenn du es nicht zurücknehmen kannst". Aber die Frage...

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Will we learn from this crisis? And if so - what exactly?

The COVID-19 crisis and the changes it will bring - from the perspective of the garment industry.75 years - since the end of the Second World War - there has probably been no other event that has influenced social and economic life worldwide as much as the current COVID-19 crisis....

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Production back to Europe

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"What is needed is a clear renaissance of production in Europe. We need to bring value chains back to Europe and produce more strongly here again - it's all about research and development and modern digitalised production" This quote was quoted in mid-April in press releases by the currently responsible Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms Margarete Schramböck. The statement...

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Why 100% Europe?

Our basic idea is to produce a truly sustainable garment product so that when you wear the garment every day, you feel good about making a positive contribution to an otherwise very "dirty" fashion industry. It is our goal to make the garment industry a bit cleaner. However, sustainability is not only important in the...

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What does "fair production" mean?

Everyone is talking about sustainability - the concept of fairness? I can simply imagine more under the term fairness than under the term sustainable. If only because the term sustainability is used everywhere and by everyone. A word we didn't know 20 years ago...

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