Which sales channels may a sustainable company use?

When we sold our multifunctional protective masks on Amazon during the Corona crisis, we received angry customer feedback: An obviously interested and at the same time concerned observer of our brand said: "How could you position yourself as a sustainable company and sell on Amazon at the same time? The original wording was a bit "sharper", but that doesn't matter. Personally, I like questions like that, they are allowed to be asked and give you the opportunity to question your own actions.

with Amazon - not against Amazon

Hand on heart: Do you buy from Amazon? Me sometimes, more "now and then". Where possible I actually try not to use Amazon. I prefer to buy books from the local pedestrian zone. The bookseller should also enjoy a successful business - despite Amazon, or because of Amazon? Because it had to position itself in relation to Amazon? Because Amazon really challenged him? Successful companies grow with Amazon instead of standing up to Amazon.

Proactive approach

When "BREDDY'S" in 2017, shortly after the company was founded, at the world's largest sporting goods fair, the ISPO in Munich, which won the coveted "ISPO Brand New Award", Amazon was the first customer at the stand. Amazon was also the first retailer to place an order immediately. As a start-up we were thrilled. I still find Amazon's approach incredibly cool today. They look into the future, they go to trade fairs, find the most innovative companies and products and immediately make sure that a cooperation is established! Amazon was the first and only large company that recognized the potential of BREDDY'S and immediately gave us a chance as a start-up. This is one of the countless things you can learn from this company.

Which is definitely not okay

The list of things that people usually blame Amazon for is long. I don't need to mention that I too do not think much of it when a company ignores minimum social standards or exploits tax havens. I also do not think it is right for Amazon to simply destroy return shipments instead of sorting them out.

But I don't blame Amazon for having changed industries and for having taken a dominant position in many areas. No company in the world can do this if it does not satisfy the needs of its customers.

So what can we take with us?

What Amazon is definitely doing right is: Optimizing the customer benefit. You can buy (almost) anything on Amazon, and you can do so reliably, quickly and cheaply. Who could not be enthusiastic about this? Amazon definitely offers completely uncomplicated shopping.

I like successful entrepreneurs who break new ground. I am fascinated when entrepreneurs invent a market. And I find customer service and reliability in purchasing extremely important. And Amazon shows us how to imagine online shopping. Fast, reliable, affordable. So why ignore the marketplace that Amazon has created? Rather, start-ups like established companies that want to sell on the Internet should recognize and accept Amazon's online performance as a benchmark.  

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