Claus Bretschneider

35 years of experience and profound know-how as entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer in European forums and in the clothing industry

  • Development of an own brand - BREDDY‘S Crossover Pants
  • Development, production and distribution of high-quality clothing, from T-shirts to skiwear and functional official clothing (police, army etc.)
  • Development of the international brand Frencys - incl. development of own productions in Europe
  • Successfully established several companies in other sectors (including RiffRaff, gastronomy, retail, etc.)
  • Sustainability expert
  • Study: Organizational Development

Julian Bretschneider

IT - Expert, Excel Magician
ERP Conversions & Implementations
Programming (VBA, Excel, Python, C++, etc.)

Martina Ederer

Assistance to the management

Klaus Ringhofer

IT – Expert
Hardware (installation and maintenance)
Data security MS 365 (administration and training)
Website programming

Marco Plochberger

Sustainability expert
Production optimiser
Eastern Europe specialist

Gabriel Curtov

Production management and quality assurance
Experienced in dealing with different cultural and organisational environments

Manuela Bretschneider

Projektentwicklung und Organisation Teamentwicklung
Organizational Development