Why 100% Europe?

Our basic idea is to produce a truly sustainable garment product so that when you wear the garment every day, you feel good about making a positive contribution to an otherwise very "dirty" fashion industry. It is our goal to make the garment industry a bit cleaner.

Allerdings ist Nachhaltigkeit nicht nur in der Bekleidungsindustrie ein extrem komplexes Thema. Vor allem ist es ein Thema, in der es keine absolute Wahrheit gibt. Es gibt viele Definitionen, und noch viel
mehr Interpretationen und Auslegungen.

Wirtschaftlichkeit über die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette umwelt- und sozialverträglich zu gestalten, nennen wir
„ökofaires Handeln“.

And how do we ensure that? Through our decision to be 100% European

Because we live here, because we have short distances here, and because this enables us to have a personal exchange with the people behind the companies in the entire production chain, to better understand your wishes and needs, and thus to design our approach accordingly.

The legal framework is also highly developed in Europe, including environmental protection, labour law and plant law.

Above all, however, it is about how entrepreneurs deal with environmental and social issues. Our fabrics come from Sweden, for example. A visit to the manufacturers in Sweden makes this clear,
the high value that man and the environment have for this country. Accordingly, the attitude towards the production of products, the attitude towards cooperation with people, the use of resources and the selection of raw materials. And Sweden has been a global role model for many decades and
first mover in many social issues and achievements.

Of course, companies worldwide can also be assessed by means of certificates. However, we believe that these assessments always only consider partial aspects. It also makes a difference whether companies write sustainability goals in their glossy brochures for marketing reasons, whether the commitment to sustainability is interpreted or rather accepted as a necessary basic idea for successful sales, or whether it is the owners,
managers and employees, in other words all the people behind the companies, sustainability is a matter of the heart.

To be clear: certificates are basically good and important. Many of the organizations that issue assessments of certification processes worldwide do good with them, create awareness, uncover grievances, help to improve intolerable situations. But the basic problem of procurement is not solved. This is simply a matter of costs. The underlying system is: We procure with the lowest possible costs and try to soothe our conscience with certificates.

The path we take with BREDDY'S, on the other hand, is We design a reliable supply chain that helps all people involved in the same way and is environmentally friendly at the same time. We achieve this in the first step by manufacturing the trousers from the fibre to the packaging material exclusively in Europe and thus setting a benchmark for further internationalisation steps.

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